Marcia Diaz was sitting in class doodling since Miss Skullnick was painting her toenails. The girl looked up seeing the teachers foot propped up on her desk and Marcia shivered in disgust. If she was gonna paint her toenails why didn't she clip them first?

Marco Marcia

Marcia wore her signature red hoodie with a short black skirt. She had on matching black knee high socks with yellow sneakers. She had long brown hair that went down to her mid back but she wore it in a high ponytail to keep it out the way.

Marcia smiled and stood up from her seat standing in front of the class, "Oooooh So, I guess everyone who voted me 'Safest Kid' must be feeling pretty embarrassed right about now. Marcia makes her way outside with seeing the Principal holding a chest, along with a blonde haired girl who seemed to be looking around as if everything was new to her. I want you to meet our new foreign exchange student, Star Butterfly," The Principal said.

Marcia looks over to see Star cautiously approach a water fountain. She presses the button and when water comes out of the spout she backs away in fear and growls at it. I am completely wrong for this.

Marcia Clausen

I'm a misunderstood bad girl," Marica said waving her arms around. The Principal pinches Marcia's cheek, "You're adorable! Now I'm off to the ice cream shop.

Daddy's getting all 52 flavors! Marcia thought it would be a good idea to show Star around the school, so she proceeded to bring the new girl around the school. As Marcia walked around Star skips around her staring at everything in wonder. Oh, watch your step. Loose tile," Marica said pointing out a tile, "It's ridiculous! Careful," Marcia closes a locker, "You wear kneepads one the bus one time, and you're labeled for life!

Broken glass," Marcia grabbed Star and pushed her around the glass, "Frankly, I like taking risks and would welcome a little danger in my life. Star pauses hearing what Marcia said. She uses her magic wand to turn a butterfly into a screeching monster.

It picks up a nearby student and flies away as the student screams in terror. Marcia stares in horror at where the monster and the student used to be, "What the heck was that?! See you tomorrow! Bye, new friend! See you later! Marcia lifts her hood over her head and runs away trying to flee the scene as quickly as possible.

Marcia finally made her way home trying to shake off what occurred earlier today. Marcia opens the front door and freezes at the doorway. Come meet the new foreign exchange student who's gonna be living with us! Diaz said. I had no idea these were your parents! I just assumed everyone on Earth had the last name, Diaz!Italian and Spanish: presumably from the female personal name Marcia, Latin feminine form of Marcius, derivative of Marcus see Mark.

Marcia was the name of several early saints and martyrs. Simply start with yourself and we'll do the searching for you. View Census Data for Marcia. Some less common occupations for Americans named Marcia were Barber and Helper.

View Census data for Marcia Data not to scale. There are 2, census records available for the last name Marcia.

Marco Diaz

Like a window into their day-to-day life, Marcia census records can tell you where and how your ancestors worked, their level of education, veteran status, and more. There are immigration records available for the last name Marcia. Passenger lists are your ticket to knowing when your ancestors arrived in the USA, and how they made the journey - from the ship name to ports of arrival and departure.

There are military records available for the last name Marcia. For the veterans among your Marcia ancestors, military collections provide insights into where and when they served, and even physical descriptions. Between andin the United States, Marcia life expectancy was at its lowest point inand highest in The average life expectancy for Marcia in was 90, and 68 in Browse profiles of historical people with the Marcia last name.

This page needs Javascript enabled in order to work properly. Click here for instructions on how to enable it in your browse. Ready to discover your family story? First Name. Last Name. Gender Male. You can see how Marcia families moved over time by selecting different census years. The most Marcia families were found in the USA in In there were 27 Marcia families living in Maine.

Maine had the highest population of Marcia families in Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Marcia surname lived. Within census records, you can often find information like name of household members, ages, birthplaces, residences, and occupations. United States England Canada. Top Male Occupations in Laborer. Top Female Occupations in Teacher.When you order pizza at Marcos.

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Marcus Aurelius

Written by Tina Uroda and Marco Marcia. Poster image by Jean-Luc Pellequer. Human cells are constantly producing RNA molecules. While a small fraction of RNAs gets translated into proteins, the vast majority exert other functions and act as non-protein-coding molecules. LncRNAs are involved in vital cellular processes, i.

Despite the important cellular roles of lncRNAs, their mechanisms of action remain largely undiscovered. Looking at lncRNAs from a 3D structural perspective would help us better understand how they act.

marco marcia

However, the large size of lncRNAs usually between 1, and 10, nucleotides makes them challenging targets for structural characterization with existing methods.

Computational structure prediction methods are still unreliable. Biochemical and biophysical methods require the production of abundant homogeneous samples, which cannot be achieved with the same procedures used to produce short RNAs. As a result, to date there is no experimental high-resolution 3D structure of a full-length lncRNA, and the structures of small lncRNA fragments are insufficient to provide a comprehensive description of the molecular architecture of lncRNAs.

Thus, there is a need for new approaches and this is where our recent publication in Nature Protocols provides an important contribution. We were specifically interested in the human maternally expressed gene 3 MEG3an lncRNA that fine-tunes development and cell proliferation. Such observation suggested us that short variable exons could alter the biological function of MEG3 by introducing discrete structural changes.

This discovery made the characterization of the 3D topology and shape of MEG3 imperative. By applying this protocol, we were able to capture structural differences between active wild type MEG3 and inactive mutants with disrupted pseudoknots, providing for the first time a molecular visualization of functional and non-functional lncRNA particles. Our protocol thus constitutes a fundamental step forward onto the characterization of physiological 3D structural conformations of lncRNAs.

Our achievement could have impactful applications in many fields of life sciences since lncRNA are active research targets for epigeneticists, plant and developmental biologists, biochemists, and oncologists. Potentially, considering the expanding efforts to discover RNA-targeting drugs and the medical implications of many lncRNAs, our protocol could also be useful in the field of medicinal chemistry. Contributor Nature Protocols.

Behind the Paper. Published May 25, Like Comment. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

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Copy the link.Marco Ubaldo Diaz is the deuteragonist of Star vs. As of " Doop-Doop ", he goes back to living on Earth with his family. From " Here to Help " onward, he is Star's boyfriend. Marco is a Latino-American teenager of medium height with a slender build, tan skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a mole on his right cheek.

marco marcia

He usually wears a light gray shirt, a red hoodie, dark gray skinny jeans, and olive and white sneakers. As a result of Hekapoo's constant searing smacks to the back of his head, he also has a bald spot. These cheek marks appear again in " Cleaved " while he hugs Star in the collapsing Realm of Magic after all magic is destroyed.

Marco is kind, responsible, very organized, and supportive of others. He has a reputation at his school for being the "safe kid" due to avoiding danger and being cautious, though he insists that he is a "misunderstood bad boy" and lives for danger. He prefers keeping his possessions neatly organized. Marco is smart, gets good grades in his math and psychology classes, and figures out how to find a replacement for Star's wand charger using the metric system.

Although he isn't used to the kind of craziness that Star brings, he admits that he would like a little danger in his life and finds fun in fighting monsters with karate. He often struggles with self-confidence, afraid of being ridiculed by others, and can become nervous easily. However, he soon makes amends with those who cause him grief, like thanking Pony Head for saving him in " Party With a Pony ".

He cares deeply for those he is close to, attempting to save Ferguson from being kidnapped in " School Spirit " and trying to cheer up Star whenever she is feeling upset.

Marco also has an urge to occasionally protect Star and keep her safe, as depicted in " Sleep Spells " and " Blood Moon Ball ". Over the course of the series, Marco becomes less overly cautious and more confident, especially in his romantic pursuit of Jackie Lynn Thomas in " Freeze Day " and "Naysaya". He progressively takes more risks as a result of his friendship with Star, but he sometimes still struggles with self-confidence.

After Marco moves into the Butterfly Castlehe usually tends to prioritize his wants over his responsibilities which can cause him to mess up his important duties such as him wanting a job higher up so that he could see Star or keeping Star's sleep-portaling a secret from Hekapoo so that they can continue to work together and go on adventures.

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Whenever he realizes this, he does his best to make things right. Marco cherishes her company and soon comes to see her as his best friend. He thinks her skills with fighting monsters are impressive, and he likes joining her on her adventures. With Star's help and adventurous ways, Marco is learning how to be less cautious and instead make the most of his life.

marco marcia

In turn, he makes sure that they do not get into too much trouble. If she is upset, like in " Cheer Up, Star ", he does what he can to make her happy and feel better. While Star's bubbly, helpful, and reckless personality can sometimes cause Marco a lot of trouble, irritate him, or even cause him physical pain, he appreciates having her around, even calling her the coolest girl he knows.

He can be a little overprotective of her at times and underestimates her ability to handle things on her own, which often infuriates her. Despite this, he is willing to help her where required and they are usually fast to make amends whenever they end up in a fight or disagreement.

marco marcia

Ultimately, their friendship is steadfast and unbreakable; in " Gift of the Card ", when the two were facing imminent death by the gift card Star had gotten him, Marco told Star that they should hug, so whoever found their "charred skeletons" would know they were best friends. In " Blood Moon Ball ", Star and Marco briefly dance together under the light of the Blood Moon, which according to legend binds their souls together for eternity.

In " Storm the Castle ", despite the argument that they have after returning home, Marco shows no sign of anger or annoyance when Star comes to rescue him, and they hug after Star throws Ludo into a portal. In " Face the Music ", Marco learns that Star has a crush on him, causing constant awkwardness between them in " Starcrushed ".

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At the encouragement of his father, Marco talks with Star about these feelings, which she initially denies, and they manage to work through the strain in their relationship and remain best friends. After Star finds out she has to return to Mewni, she confesses her feelings to Marco and runs away before he can respond, leaving their relationship uncertain.

In " Return to Mewni ", Marco is shown to have fallen into a depression following Star's departure. In " Marco and the King ", he visits Butterfly Castle to see Star and give her a box of Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds her favorite cerealand he asks her father if she is in any danger since he left Earth in a big rush.

When Marco later rescues Star from a castle dungeon, they reunite with a hug, indicating they care a great deal about each other regardless of the circumstances of their separation in "Starcrushed".In FebruaryMarceau and her mother came across a model agency looking for teenagers. Marceau had photos taken at the agency, but did not think anything would come of it. La Boum was a hit movie, not only in France, where 4, tickets were sold, but also in several other European countries.

Inat age 16, Marceau bought back her contract with Gaumont for one million French francs. Inshe starred in Pacific Palisades and La note bleueher third film directed by her companion. That year, she returned to the theatre as Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion. Marceau achieved international recognition in playing the role of Princess Isabelle in Mel Gibson 's Braveheart.

That year, she was part of an ensemble of international actors in the French film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and Wim WendersBeyond the Clouds. InMarceau teamed up again with her then-boyfriend Andrzej Zulawski to film Fidelityplaying the role of a talented photographer who takes a job at a scandal-mongering tabloid and becomes romantically involved with an eccentric children's book publisher.

Inshe teamed up with Monica Bellucci in Don't Look Back about the mysterious connection between two women who have never met. InMarceau played a successful business executive forced to confront her unhappy childhood in With Love InMarceau played a something career woman who falls in love with a young jazz musician in Happiness Never Comes Alone.

She was selected to be on the jury for the main competition section of the Cannes Film Festival. InMarceau wrote a semi-autobiographical novel, Menteuse the English translation, Telling Lieswas published in They have a daughter, Juliette born June in London.

Marceau also had a relationship with Christopher Lambert beginning inwith whom she appeared in the films Trivial and Cartagena.

Marceau is a classically trained cellist, as seen in the film Lost and Found. She is bilingual French and English. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. French actress, director, screenwriter and author. ParisFrance. The New York Times.

Retrieved 10 November Film Reference.

Marcia di Radetzky e Inno di Mameli - Al Sax Soprano MARCO

Retrieved 15 December The Independent. Internet Movie Database. France-Soir Pallister; Ruth A.

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Hottell Francophone Women Film Directors. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. Net Glimpse. Archived from the original on 17 November Retrieved 1 December Cannes Film Festival.Early life — AD. He served as Roman consul in, and Marcus was born during the reign of Hadrian to the emperor's nephew, the praetor Marcus Annius Verusand the heiress Domitia Lucilla. His father died when he was three, and Marcus was raised by his mother and grandfather. After Hadrian's adoptive son, Aelius Caesardied inthe emperor adopted Marcus' uncle Antoninus Pius as his new heir.

In turn, Antoninus adopted Marcus and Luciusthe son of Aelius. Hadrian died that year and Antoninus became emperor. He kept in close correspondence with Fronto for many years afterwards.

Marcus married Antoninus' daughter Faustina in After Antoninus died inMarcus acceded to the throne alongside his adoptive brother, who took the name Lucius Verus. The reign of Marcus Aurelius was marked by military conflict.

Marcus defeated the MarcomanniQuadiand Sarmatian Iazyges in the Marcomannic Wars ; however, these and other Germanic peoples began to represent a troubling reality for the Empire. He modified the silver purity of the Roman currencythe denarius. The persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire appears to have increased during his reign, but it is unknown how involved Marcus was in the persecution. The Antonine Plague broke out in or and devastated the population of the Roman Empirecausing the deaths of five million people.

Lucius Verus may have died from the plague in Unlike some of his predecessors, Marcus chose not to adopt an heir. His children included Lucillawho married Lucius, and Commoduswhose succession after Marcus has been a subject of debate among both contemporary and modern historians.

The Column and Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius still stand in Rome, where they were erected in celebration of his military victories. Meditationsthe writings of "the philosopher" — as contemporary biographers called Marcus, are a significant source of the modern understanding of ancient Stoic philosophy. They have been praised by fellow writers, philosophers, monarchs, and politicians centuries after his death.

The major sources depicting the life and rule of Marcus are patchy and frequently unreliable. The most important group of sources, the biographies contained in the Historia Augustaclaim to be written by a group of authors at the turn of the 4th century AD, but it is believed they were in fact written by a single author referred to here as 'the biographer' from about AD.

A body of correspondence between Marcus's tutor Fronto and various Antonine officials survives in a series of patchy manuscripts, covering the period from c. Dio is vital for the military history of the period, but his senatorial prejudices and strong opposition to imperial expansion obscure his perspective.

Marcus was born in Rome on 26 April His name at birth was supposedly Marcus Annius Verus, [11] but some sources assign this name to him upon his father's death and unofficial adoption by his grandfather, upon his coming of age, [12] [13] [14] or at the time of his marriage.

Marcus' paternal family was of Roman Italo-Hispanic origins. Calvisius Tullus and inherited a great fortune described at length in one of Pliny 's letters from her parents and grandparents. Her inheritance included large brickworks on the outskirts of Rome — a profitable enterprise in an era when the city was experiencing a construction boom — and the Horti Domitia Calvillae or Lucillaea villa on the Caelian hill of Rome.

The adoptive family of Marcus was of Roman Italo-Gallic origins : the gens Aureliainto which Marcus was adopted at the age of 17, was a Sabine gens; Antoninus Piushis adoptive father, came from the Aurelii Fulvi, a branch of the Aurelii based in Roman Gaul. Marcus' sister, Annia Cornificia Faustinawas probably born in or Instead, Marcus was in the care of 'nurses', [36] and was raised after his father's death by his grandfather Marcus Annius Verus IIwho had always retained the legal authority of patria potestas over his son and grandson.

Technically this was not an adoption, the creation of a new and different patria potestas. Lucius Catilius Severusdescribed as Marcus' maternal great-grandfather, also participated in his upbringing; he was probably the elder Domitia Lucilla's stepfather.

Marcus' grandfather owned a palace beside the Lateranwhere he would spend much of his childhood. Marcus was educated at home, in line with contemporary aristocratic trends; [41] he thanks Catilius Severus for encouraging him to avoid public schools. In lateHadrian almost died from a hemorrhage. Convalescent in his villa at Tivolihe selected Lucius Ceionius Commodus, Marcus' intended father-in-law, as his successor and adopted son[50] according to the biographer 'against the wishes of everyone'.

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